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I have a Kubuntu desktop PC and a Kubuntu server. Using KRDC, I can remotely connect from my desktop to my server, and that is great. However, I want to use my server to backup my data and it sounds like Samba is the easiest way to do that. Ironically, I can use Samba to connect to my work's Windows 7 laptop no questions asked. However there seems to be a problem (bug?) when I connect the desktop and server together.

To test Samba I am sharing the "Public" folder in my home directory on both my desktop and server. On either computer, in Dolphin if I do "smb://localhost/Public", a prompt pops up that says "Please enter authentication information for: Server = localhost Share = Public". I have no clue what this means. Assuming it is asking for authentication, no username/password combinations work. I've even tried creating a dedicated Samba user and still, nothing. The configuration in my smb.conf file are as follows:

    path = /home/brian/Public
    writeable = yes
;   browseable = yes
    guest ok = yes

I am floored at how difficult it is to simply share a folder across a home network on Kubuntu. Why is it so difficult? I literally just installed the operating systems last night and followed the KDE instructions and this is where it takes me. What can I do from here?

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Is that semicolon really there? Have you tried from your server do smbclient yourdesktopip/Public? Localhost means that is the system you are using. –  Braiam Jan 25 at 19:41
Yes, I am using localhost as a test for myself. I am literally trying to connect to myself and it's telling me I need to authenticate. That semicolon is there.. It's copied directly from the smb.conf –  user239809 Jan 25 at 19:48
Please use samba-tool testparm and press enter, modify your question and paste the results. Also do smbclient -L localhost the password is the same password as you log in. –  Braiam Jan 25 at 20:00

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