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First of all, everything works normally on the same computer with Windows 8.1. If I connect the mouse to Ubuntu 13.10 manually (pressing special button on the device), it enables and works properly. But after reboot it doesn't connect automatically and I have to do it by pressing the button. So, it seems I need to provide some feedback between the mouse and Ubuntu, but how should I do this?

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Both os need have the same bluetooth name and use same key (last working one)

On windows key is stored at


On Linux


To read or edit windows 7 key need "PSEXEC" to exec regedit as system account.

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Check out my answer here:

Uninstall/purge blueman-manager or any extra bluetooth software. Go vanilla and just leave the original Ubuntu bluetooth software to rule out any conflicts.

  1. Press the bluetooth mouse's discovery mode.

  2. Open a terminal and type the command hcitool scan

  3. Then paste the first half of your bluetooth address as the OUI.

So if your bluetooth mouse's address is AB:CD:EF:GH:IJ:KL

It would look like this:

<device oui="AB:CD:EF:" type="mouse" name="Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse" pin="0000"/>

Insert that line with the rest of the entries in


This should solve most reconnection issues because Ubuntu doesn't know the PIN when it reconnects. You need to provide it with one.

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Use of blueman Bluetooth manager completely solved the problem.

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