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So having Lubuntu on Laptop. The laptop screen is broken (flickering and such) so usually using a the TV or a monitor connected to the laptop to do stuff.

Now for some reason when starting it goes to the login screen (you can see white/blue-ish flicker on the laptop screen, but for some reason the TV screen stays black). When I type the password and I hit enter the flicker goes away, instead the screen goes black (and still no signal on TV). Also getting a few weird audio "noise clicks". When I press the Power button the "shutdown" screen appears instead of blackness (still no signal on TV) and then it turns off.

The Fn+F4 i used to switch between display setups doesnt seem to react and from googling i tried to go into ctrl+alt+f1; logged in and tried xrandr, which just says "Can't open display" though.

I have dualboot with Windows XP still installed, and there Fn+F4 seems to still work. Also I dont get the weird audio-noise clicks on WindowsXP or the bootup or such, only in Lubuntu. Not sure if they're even relevant but wanted to mention them.

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