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I am specifically looking for how to start multibit from the command line (it is a java program)

When you click on the unity search button and then launch an application from there, how do you find the location it is running from? i.e. I want to start an application from terminal but have no idea how to find the command to run it. (I have tried doing a sudo find / -name 'programName' but can't find it from there either)!

The program I am looking for I just realised was installed from a java executable so may be somewhere else?

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If no MultiBit shortcut is created, you can run MultiBit manually as follows:

open a terminal window and 'cd' to your installation directory type java -jar multibit-exe.jar

You should have seen the following screen:

enter image description here

This is where multibit gets installed.

Try typing:

java -jar ~/MultiBit-0.5.16/multibit-exe.jar

and should work, unless you changed the installation path.

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Commands related to an installed package are usually stored in /usr/bin directory.

For example,

ls /usr/bin | grep vlc

The above command displays the output as,


So you can run the vlc command to start vlc application.

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Try using the whereis command. You just need to supply the name of the program, like this: whereis firefox

To limit search results to binaries, use the -b option: whereis -b firefox

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