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I'm running ubuntu 13.10. But I guess I need to go back to Windows 7. Its so easy to install Ubuntu from a bootable usb because of a program. But I can't find any similar windows program that I've used to install ubuntu that runs on ubuntu. Can I still install Windows 7? I do have the Windows 7 ISO file with me. Help please.

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yes,you can install windows alongside ubuntu.Try to create bootable windows usb in Ubuntu through winusb.see…. – Avinash Raj Jan 25 '14 at 3:42

You didn't mention if you're using a dual boot, so I assume you only have Ubuntu currently installed to your system.

Option 1: If want a dual-boot...'ll have to install Windows 7 to a new partition. This install will overwrite the boot sector so that the previously installed Ubuntu will not be recognized during boot, and you'd have to fix this using Boot-Repair tools/disk.

Option 2: If you don't want Ubuntu anymore... can delete Ubuntu partitions with Windows 7 installation disk and create a Windows' filesystem (fat or preferably ntfs) and install Windows there.

Option 3: Use virtualization software to install Windows OS as a guest in your Ubuntu sysem:

Among the ones available out there, I use Oracle's VirtualBox (wikipedea). This link explains how to install VirtualBox.

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What you do is install windows 7 on one hard drive then reinstall Ubuntu I found this the easiest way of doing it.

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