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So I want to install Ubuntu on my new laptop, a Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p. It's a great laptop, pre-loaded with all the latest cool stuff like Windows 8 and UEFI and everything. Obviously, this is al nice but now I am wondering how hard it is to install Ubuntu on this machine.

As you may know, Ubuntu + UEFI don't really play well with each other. Above that, this system is equipped with a Nvidia GTX 755 together with the Intel GPU on the processor together with Nvidia's "Optimus" technology (which basically switches between the internal and Nvidia card depending on load). Now I heard this also doesn't always work on Linux.

So basically, I am wondering if other people own this laptop and have successfully installed Ubuntu on this. Also, how well does this Optimus thing work with Ubuntu? I hope someone can answer this for me!

EDIT: I just found out about Bumblebee which seems to be a possible solution.. anyone has experience with that?

~ Gladen

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That is why we have the Ubuntu Live DVD... so you can try and see for yourself. – Rinzwind Jan 24 '14 at 22:46
Some things you can't really test with a Live DVD, this includes testing if hybrid graphics works since those requires me to install drivers and stuff I assume. – Gladen Jan 24 '14 at 23:13
Sorry, please explain what does not allow you to install drivers with the live dvd?! Again: that is why we have the Live DVD: to test things. – Rinzwind Apr 13 '14 at 13:16

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I have the y510p. 12.04 was workable at best. Framerates were ok in glxgears and such. Bumblebee with the Nvidia and the Nouveau driver both worked, albeit fairly low framerates. The challenge at this stage of the game is the Nvidia linux support for the 755m card in the laptop.

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Thanks for the response. :) I tested it a while ago with 13.10 and really had trouble getting the Nvidia card to work. A few days ago I did another attempt with the newest 14.04 release and that seems to work much better. After installing the Nvidia drivers, I can now switch between the Nvidia card and Intel graphics with a toggle in the Nvidia control panel. Performance of the Nvidia card is great as far as I can see! – Gladen Apr 12 '14 at 21:25

I have the Y510p with 755M/i7/8GB RAM and dual-booting Win 8.1/Ubuntu 13.10. I spent about 30 hours trying to get the Nvidia card working properly and finally I have uninstalled all drivers and I'm running only Intel card now.

The only thing that worked properly for me was installing nvidia-331 nvidia-settings-331 and nvidia-prime and than purging bumblebee when "low graphics mode" error appears (see answer from appendx here). Then only the Nvidia GPU was running and it was overheating and I am not even talking about battery life comapred to Win 8.1.

However I have read (link) that on 14.04 the Optimus cards will be more supported. Also new official drivers from Nvidia will be coming out so we can just wait now. I wait for stable release of 14.04 and then I will be able to switch between Intel and Nvidia GPU.

BUT the question is if I really need the Nvidia GPU running in Linux. We probably all bought Y510p because we want to play games and we will be keeping Win anyway where games and Nvidia run properly, right? 13.10 runs well with only integrated Intel GPU for me.

Also some people on forums report problems with wireless connection/keyboard etc. and the system is generally very unstable for me. Also my laptop is overheating compared to Win anyway and everything is a huge pain (I spent the whole weekend just trying to get Nvidia working with no result in the end) so I think I will uninstall Ubuntu forever.

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