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In a terminal I type:

grep '<td><a href="http://www.blabla.cc' file.txt

works fine. But if I type:

var= `grep '<td><a href="http://www.blabla.cc' file.txt`

I am unable to extract the variable, the result is:

<td><a: can not find command

I tried a backslash before the space "href" but

echo $var

shows an empty line. Any suggestions?

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It is the same command as given below, but for some reason askubuntu.com added a ";" –  bodhi.zazen Jan 24 '14 at 21:57

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You should not be using spaces before the backtick. Additionally, use $( .. ) instead of backticks and quote it:

var="$(grep '<td><a href="http://www.blabla.cc' file.txt)"
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