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Can I find a good replacement for compiz? Compiz in 11.04 with unity is laggy

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You can start with Ubuntu classic (no effect) that use metacity as window manager.

But this means to not have unity.

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The only alternative to compiz that I know is kwin.

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kwin isn't so good in a Gnome environment. kwin is designed for KDE. – Scott Severance May 8 '11 at 3:39

If you are using unity 2d, you have many other options

Openbox Install openbox: A very lightweight WM. Used by default in LXDE

Fluxbox Install Fluxbox: Yet another Lightweight WM

Awesome Install Awesome: A lightweight tiled WM

And many others.

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No, Unity is a plugin for Compiz. You could try unity 2D or Ubuntu classic. There is also Gnome-Shell which uses mutter. That is suppose to be less resource intensive.

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Gnome-shell is laggy on my rather new laptop (i5 2.5ghz, nvidia 330m) - it's probably not even close to "ready" yet. – Chriskin May 7 '11 at 16:35

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