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Is there a way to have OS X-like behavior in Nautilus? Nautilus elementary is long gone?

Basically I'd like to have an option to a tree view (only 2 views, not multiple like in max os x) where the parent will be on the left, and the content on the right.

On Mac OS X, it looks like this

Possible something similar on Ubuntu?

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Please check if this answer brings up what you need. –  Luís de Sousa Jan 24 at 14:54
@LuísdeSousa Yes, this is a kind of a tree :). But not useful like on Mac. If it can reach to double click or single click, but it does not. –  ubuntico Jan 24 at 18:55
I guess I misinterpreted your question. You might want to decorate your question with an image so that non Mac users like me can be better understand. –  Luís de Sousa Jan 24 at 19:03
@LuísdeSousa You were right. Just updated it. Thanks –  ubuntico Jan 25 at 8:11
possible duplicate of How to achieve List/Tree view in Nautilus? –  Avinash Raj Jan 25 at 8:13
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