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I recently switched from a Virgin Mobile (Sprint) 3G dongle to a MetroPCS (now T-Mobile) 4G $ell phone. At about the same time, I switched from vanilla Ubuntu 11.10 to Ubuntu Studio 12.04 (LTS), so I'm unclear as to which change triggered this particular skill deficit in my computer. I know, a smart person changes only one thing at a time. Basically, being a nebbish, I initially blamed myself for my connectivity problems and started tweaking Network Manager, eventually compiling its latest stable from source, and somehow nuked my Dbus daemon in the process. At some point I gave up on un-nuking Dbus and decided I had backed myself into a "clean install" situation, only to be informed that while I was sleeping, support for the Ubuntu version I was using had been utterly discontinued.

Virgin (this is the Detroit market) became notoriously unreliable concerning connectivity on Oct. 31, 2013, but at least wget's -c (continue where the failed download left off) option rarely failed me. MetroPCS, to their credit, has been virtually always available (connectable) at some speed (note that unlimited 4G and tethering and/or hotspot operation are a "pick one" proposition with them) but now when throttled (and only when throttled) I can very rarely complete a download over 1MB or so, and can virtually never deal in Range headers--retries are now -always- "from the top." This has been the pattern with Firefox as well as wget, so I've preliminarily ruled out a client problem, assuming it's either Network Manager (which seems to have undergone significant changes between Oneiric and Precise), or the network provider. Or a third but seemingly (to me) improbable theory that the low latency kernel might have something to do with it. A fourth possibility is that maybe there's a strong and sudden trend among websites and hosting firms away from Range header support. Is anyone aware of such a trend?

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