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I'm having trouble configuring the machine to use nfs. I have installed autofs, and tried to configure it. But the problem is that the configuration I use on OpenSuSe machines isn't working.

First problem was a missing line in nsswitch.conf:

I added the line: automount: nis files

But now I get this:

automount[2285]: lookup_init:136: lookup(yp): map auto.master: Local domain name not set

This is a local network setup, therefore I'm completely confused by this error. Why should nfs client require a domain name?

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I fixed the problem by executing hostname computer_name. I really have no idea why this wasn't set up during installation.

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The answer is right in the logmessage, the domainname of the system is not set: just try:

domainname localdomain

nfs4 needs the domainname ... Probably you are mounting an nfs4 share. Check your NAS or whatever

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