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When I open Gedit, and start typing a path to a file I want to edit on a SSHFS drive, if I'm not fast enough in typing and pressing enter, Gedit CHANGES what I have typed, and automatically selects the most recently changed file in the working directory (ie, whatever directory I've last been using).

Sometimes I have typed a long path, and it can be quite frustrating to have to start all over again...

Sometimes I press enter just a micro-second too late, and so I end up opening the WRONG file.

I think this is likely default behaviour of Gedit, to select the most recently edited file-- but the delay in accessing remote file systems means that things I've typed in the open edit-box are replaced.

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This is still a nuisance... I wish someone could make a suggestion on how to deal with this. –  Jason Silver Aug 31 at 16:47

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