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This question is regarding the "Ubuntu One" cloud storage!

After syncing some folders from my desktop to the cloud, I wanted to remove one of these folders from the cloud storage. I tried to stop the syncing during this time, but this seems to be unreliable. The end result is that Ubuntu One added an extension .u1conflict to all files and folders within the original folder on my desktop.

Is there a way to remove this .conflict extension? All I want is the original desktop folder as it was.

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To remove a folder that you have set to sync, but is still in the process of syncing you can use the following commands in the Terminal.

u1sdtool --list-folders - note the ID that is used by new UDF

u1sdtool --unsubscribe-folder=$ID (where $ID = id that was received by running list-folders)

u1sdtool --quit - this will quit the syncdaemon and drop the queue

u1sdtool --start - start syncdaemon again, but do not connect

(open a new terminal for the next two commands, since this will not release the terminal right away)

u1sdtool --delete-folder=$ID

u1sdtool --connect

To remove .u1conflict from a large group of files you can use the following script. To download the file and run it use the following three commands.


chmod +x

./ <directory containing the .u1conflict files>

example: ./ /home/duanedesign/Ubuntu\ One

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ubuntu one is very user friendly – Anurag Uniyal Feb 7 '12 at 22:20

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