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1. First, make sure you have installed qt3 platform and g++ compiler. It works fine for g++ with 4.4.5 or above.
⠀• to install qt3:
⠀⠀type 'sudo apt-get install qt3-dev-tools' in the terminal
⠀• to install g++:
⠀⠀type 'sudo apt-get install g++' in the terminal
2. Then please go to https://github.com/mlab/GrooveNet
3. Please click 'Download' to download the GrooveNet simulator.
4. Navigate to your download folder and untar (or unzip) the package. You may use tar -xzvf 'file name'
5. cd into your extracted folder -> project/src
6. type 'make clean'
7. type 'make' to build and install GrooveNet.
8. If there are no errors, cd into bin folder
9. type './groovenet' to run the simulator

If there are no errors,

After did these steps I got this error:

[Trafic light-o ] Error 1  

How do I fix this error?

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You have already posted this question once: askubuntu.com/questions/409527/…. Please don't post duplicate questions; delete one of them. You can edit an existing question if you need to make changes or add information. –  David Edwards Jan 23 at 8:01

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