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I am currently unable to shut down my laptop with Ubuntu 12.04. The screen just freezes during the shutdown process and I have to use the power switch. If I press esc during the shutdown the last messages before freezing are:

/etc/rc0.d/S90halt: 2: /etc/default/halt: INIT_HALT: not found
* Will now halt

Sometimes, but now always, it tells me that killing all remaining processes has failed.

None of the answers here have been of help so far.

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I think that the problem is more serious that what you think, do this happens in a live CD? –  Braiam Jan 22 at 20:05
What command / method are you using to shutdown? –  shtuff.it Jan 22 at 21:23
At least sudo halt, sudo shutdown -h/H/P/, sudo poweroff, init 0. Rebooting works fine, though. –  Norloogi Jan 22 at 21:50

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