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I'm on Ubuntu 11.04 and need g++-4.3 for a project. What is the best way to install it, since it is not present in the repositories anymore.

Do I have to build it from source or is there a better way? Using an older package of one older ubuntu release brings me in a dependency hell...

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Thanks, but thats not helping since when I install the .deb with dpkg -i there are missing dependencies, and when I try to manually fix those dependencies I have the dependency hell I described above. – Steve May 7 '11 at 8:20

For such tasks I usually create a Virtual Machine with the proper tools and bridged networking. Both Lucid and Maverick have gcc-4.3 available. If you had a CD image of these versions available, boot into it and setup a SSH server. This SSH server is optional, you could use the Terminal inside the VM as well, but you cannot interact with the clipboard of the host system without installing Guest Additions.

(to save resources, I would use Debian Squeeze which has gcc-4.3 as well. Whether this is possible depends on the dependencies of your package)

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since installing deb brings you into depency hell, maybe chrooting older ubuntu ( which have g++ 4.3) could help

or, building from source

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