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Is there an easier way to upload files in Web browser (HTML) file upload forms other than noting/cutting a file location and typing/pasting that location into a Browse... dialog? I've heard drag and drop upload is on the way, but looks like eBay isn't using it yet.

My Dad was frustrated trying to import a photo off his digital camera and upload it to eBay. He had the import part figured out (GNOME/F-Spot does a pretty good job with that), but was stuck because he didn't know how to browse to the photo.

In my older F-Spot (on Ubuntu 10.04), when you right click on a photo there's a "Copy Photo Location" option. This copies the full path of the file into the clipboard, and I can easily use this for browser file upload forms. Apparently this was changed in his newer F-Spot (on Ubuntu 10.10)... now it's just "Copy Photo". I don't know what "Copy Photo" does, but it doesn't put the full photo file path in the clipboard.

I came up with a many-step process so he could do this on his own. Anyone know a better way? This is just crazy:

  1. Import photo to F-Spot.
  2. Double-click on photo.
  3. Copy/remember photo filename (something like DSCN0471.JPG).
  4. Click "Places" in the panel on the top of the desktop.
  5. Choose "Search for Files...".
  6. Paste or type in the filename next to "Name contains:".
  7. Click "Find".
  8. If the file is found, note the Folder listed (if not, try searching again). You may leave the "Search for Files" window open.
  9. When visiting the site where you will upload the photo, you'll be prompted to upload a file. The file upload "form" will include buttons such as "Browse..." and "Upload".
  10. First click "Browse...".
  11. Browse to the photo in the Folder listed in step 8. Click "Open" to choose that file. The window will close and you will return to the file upload form.
  12. Click Upload.
  13. Done!
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Hi Adam. I've (amazingly) never used Ebay before, when uploading a photo, it DOES give you the ability to browse to, and select the photo, correct? – Alan May 7 '11 at 5:44
Yes. My 13-step guide was tested (only) with eBay. – Adam Monsen May 8 '11 at 2:40

Well, perhaps a slightly less annoying way is right-clicking the photo in f-spot, going to Open With and selecting e.g. firefox. Then you can copy+paste the path to the file.

If the photos get imported to a particular folder, you could also add that folder as a "bookmark" on the left of the file chooser dialog.

Still, let's hope a newer version of f-spot comes with a less annoying method :)

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+1 for the idea of creating a bookmark. – Nathan Osman Dec 11 '11 at 6:09

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