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So I want to run Battlefield 2 on my Kubuntu machine and I found this guide on installing. I did so, the only differences are that I'm using wine version 1.6.2 (latest stable) and the fact that I did not install any patch.
When I start the game, everything works like a charm, until I try to play: With default settings, the game then looks like this (it's the screen where one has to select a spawn point I guess):
I also can't see the mouse cursor although I am able to select something as I hear responsive sounds when moving the mouse in certain directions. Interestingly, sound is okay, I'm also able to press Escape and get to the pause screen where everything looks normal.
I have to add that I'm using a machine with Intel HD 3000 integrated graphics which are not very powerful, but more than enough to run this old game (at least on minimal settings).

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