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I have a 2013 MacBook Air 11' with a Haswell i5 and I want to replace OS X on it with Ubuntu. I do not want to dual boot, as I only have a 128GB SSD. I've been waiting for a proper guide to do this for a long while now, as I cannot risk botching up this MacBook and losing access to it. I recently came across this guide : http://www.sourceprojects.org/installing-ubuntu-13-10-on-a-macbook-air-6-2

However, from what I could tell, that guide is for dual booting with OS X, not something I want to do. I am using the specialized Mac 64bit ISO file for 13.10 from here : http://ubuntu.excellmedia.net/releases/saucy/ubuntu-13.10-desktop-amd64+mac.iso

But I'm not sure if after I am done installing Ubuntu on my MacBook, wireless, my webcam, audio, video, the trackpad, the keyboard backlight, sleep, all of that would work OOB.

Has anyone installed Ubuntu on their 2013 MacBook Air successfully? 13.10 specifically? Did the Mac ISO work out of the box with everything? Has anyone removed OS X completely from their MacBook?

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