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I have a Ubuntu system running a Samba Server. I'm the only one that can log on locally on the Ubuntu computer.

I have 1 share (nas) and it has 9 directories. All of the directories have permissions of drwxr-xr-x paul:paul except one which is my private directory named Paul. The directory Paul has permissions of drwxr-x--- paul:paul.

Now my question is, do i need to worry that when i create files and directories in Paul while using my windows PC that they get created with permissions of drwxr-xr-x? No one except me can actually enter that directory while browsing with samba because of the local unix permissions set, am I right about that?

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It should be easy to test by just creating a file in your private directory and checking the permissions on the server… Given that you don't have any world access set for that folder, the enclosing permissions are somewhat irrelevant. –  douggro Jan 21 at 7:30

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