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I installed Ubuntu a few days ago, and decided to install Steam. After installing Steam, I downloaded Metro: Last Light. Using the open-source driver, I got a black flash, and the game would close, so I switched to the Nvidia 319 (proprietary, tested) driver, and I got a black screen when I attempted to launch the game, so I rebooted. Now, when I try to boot into Ubuntu I get no display output. I've had something similar gapped before when I installed the Nvidia 331 drivers, and I am getting quite annoyed with it. I have a 1440p monitor running over dual-link DVI from my GTX 780, my processor is a 4770K, I have 16GB of DDR3-1600 C10 RAM, and I am using an old 320GB Caviar hard drive for my Ubuntu drive. I have 64-bit Ubuntu 13.11.0-15 installed. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you!

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A simple suggestion could be, reinstall the nvidia driver through terminal. Open a terminal with CTRL+ALT+T and give this command sudo apt-get install --reinstall nvidia-319 , after the installation finish, give this command too sudo nvidia-xconfig and reboot your system. –  NikTh Jan 21 at 0:36
Your suggestion didn't work. I think it's an issue with the drivers, not the installation. –  user238091 Jan 21 at 2:11
Ok, sometimes a reinstallation (build the module again) helps, but not this time. Follow this and "clean" your PC from any attempt you've done. Reboot. Then I would suggest to install the newest driver available, right now I think is nvidia-graphics-drivers-331, for your card. Use the x-swat repository because it is not available in Saucy's repos. –  NikTh Jan 21 at 9:33

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