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My senario is: I have a desktop computer with two disk. One of disk is SSD and other is HDD. I install Windows 8 on SSD and I use HDD for data. Then I want to install ubuntu 13.10 on HDD with seperated partition on HDD and I install ubuntu 13.10 . Now my computer has Windows 8 on SSD and Ubuntu 13.10 on HDD. But when I change boot order (first bootable disk to HDD) to boot ubuntu from HDD, Ubuntu didn't start. How can I start the Ubuntu on HDD which already installed on?

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Try to reinstall GRUB with this guide. I think this will detect the Ubuntu installation and add make a menu to choose between Ubuntu or Windows.

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Thanks this guide is worked. And I now writing from Ubuntu. :) – cejoseph Jan 20 '14 at 22:42

As you installed Ubuntu after installing Windows 8, you shouldn't have to change the boot order in the BIOS. Ubuntu installs a bootloader (GRUB) which should see Windows 8 and add it to it's startmenu.

If you change the boot order to the HDD, it doesn't work because Grub is not installed on the HDD.

Doing a boot-repair as Wouter suggested is the best option to repair a lost bootloader.

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Thank you for reply. – cejoseph Jan 20 '14 at 22:42

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