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Whenever I want to enable the Wobbly Windows plugin in CCSM, it tells me the following:

Plugin "Snapping Windows" provides the feature "edgeresistance", which
is also provided by "Wobbly Windows".

I have the options to keep WW disabled or to enable WW and disable Snapping. When I do this my GUI gets unusable (decoration vanished, unity not working,...) until I delete all Compiz configuration files manually in TTY.

So how do I enable Wobbly Windows correctly?

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I'm not sure why but I guess CCSM thinks that wobbly windows doesn't have a unity dependency and as a result it disables unity after enabling that effect. I have tried it myself and after a restart unity is gone: no launcher, no nothing. I would stay away from CCSM.

There is a way to get the wobbly windows effect without using CCSM:


Actually, the solution I pointed to is kind of long and I found an easier way to enable it without messing up unity.

  1. Open CCSM and go to Preferences > Plugin List tab.

  2. Uncheck Automatic plugin sorting.

  3. On the left panel find wobbly. Select it and press the right arrow.

  4. wobbly should have moved from the left to the right panel.

  5. And the effect should now be working.

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