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I rotated my screen, an once I login, it works fine. but, the greeter (login) screen hasn't got the message that things are rotated 90 degrees. How can i change the rotation of the login screen?

enter image description here

UPDATE: lock screen is in correct position. I only see this when I boot, or log out.

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Add this line to the /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf file (in the [SeatDefaults] section):


Then make the file /etc/lightdm/greeter_setup.sh with the following contents:

xrandr -o left
exit 0

Then make it executable with sudo chmod +x /etc/lightdm/greeter_setup.sh. Then reboot.

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Changed to xrandr -o right. worked perfect. –  j0h Jan 24 at 23:00
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Another option that should work is to copy ~/.config/monitors.xml to /var/lib/lightdm/.config . This certainly works for my monitor position and resolution information, so I would assume it would work for rotation too.

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I will look into it, This is the sort of method I was trying to figure out. –  j0h Jan 24 at 22:59
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Have you tried xrandr -o value? As a value use either left or right

Also you can create a custom shortcut by following this HOW TO

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