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I installed blender 2.69 from Ubuntu Software Center(blender 2.69+svn61239+git201401181822.6cd132b-0irie1~precise1) on Ubuntu 12.04 (32 bit), but when I run it from desktop it gives no reaction at all, when I try to run it from tty it says:

unable to open display
aborted (core dumped)

What does it mean???

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Take a look at the answer to this question: Can not properly install blender‌​. It's not a duplicate of your question, but it might have some useful information about installing Blender 2.69 in it. –  karel Jan 20 at 9:52
Are you running it from terminal, or from a tty? If from a tty, run export DISPLAY=:0 first. Sorry, that just sounds like the sort of error you would get. And how did you install it? –  Wilf Jan 20 at 9:54

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