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I have been trying to get the IMDB thumbnailer working in nautlus (Ubuntu 13.10) but it's still not generating IMDB posters. I hear Pinguy has it with Nemo but I don't know how to get it with Nemo either.

Please help.

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IMDB thumbnailer is not supposed to work with Nemo out of the box, as far as I know... But if Pinguy did it, then it might be worthy of trying. Can you detail the steps you took for installation, config file contents, etc? –  Luís de Sousa Jan 21 at 10:19
I switched back to nautilus cuz I didn't like Nemo. My secondary hard drive has cover posters for about the first half of my videos. Nothing for my mail harddrive. –  JoeSteiger Jan 21 at 19:20
My ~/.imdb-thumbnailer/config says: films_path[1]=/home/joe/Videos films_path[2]=/media/joe/Barracuda/Videos films_path[3]=/media/joe/Barracuda-2/Videos –  JoeSteiger Jan 21 at 19:21
So you followed a guide for Nautilus expecting it to work on Nemo. Do you think this question still makes sense? –  Luís de Sousa Jan 22 at 7:10

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