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I've switched to Gnome 3 recently, and now trying to figure out how the contacts app/integration works. I had some issues in the beginning with my google account and now it mixed a "local adress book" (another application had the brilliant idea to import my google contacts and store them as local) with a google adressbook. Now i am left with a lot of duplicates and mixed contacts.

I wanted to reset the contacts, and start fresh, but can't figure out how i would do that.

I did try restarting the initial setup, by disabling dconf "org > gnome > contacts > did-initial-setup" - which triggered it, but that did not reset my contacts either. It made it even worse, after that i now have 3 accounts listed in it, the same google account twice and a local adressbook.

Disabling and even completely removing my google account from the Online-Accounts settings and keychain does not seem to affect it.

Can anyone tell me where these things are stored? How can i wipe the contacts from the system and start fresh?

In case it matters, this is Gnome shell 3.8.4 (Ubuntu Gnome 13.10)

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I figured it out, realized that it's using evolutions addressbook and not a separate contacts database. Renamed the




and restarted gnome to test, and it was fresh again (now only one google account (that is linked in Online Accounts) is used for the contacts).

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