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I have an Ubuntu 12.04 server in a datacenter and it is running KVM.

I have virt-manager installed locally on a Macbook Air with parallels. Its installed on Ubuntu 13.10.

I have created another Ubuntu VM within KVM. I have told it to use the bridge (br0) with the virtio driver.

I have configured the VM to use one of the ip addresses supplied by the datacenter, which is a /29 on a VLAN.

I am able to ping

  • host->external
  • host->guest
  • guest->host
  • guest->default gateway

I am not able to ping outside to Google (or elsewhere) from within the guest. How can I fix that?

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Sounds like a DC issue: if the guest can ping the default gateway its leaving the server, and the problem is likely upstream of your server. See if you can get them to investigate. –  agc93 Jan 22 at 2:18
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