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I have a Samsung laptop with a 128GB SSD (that has windows 8 preinstalled along with a recovery partition) and a 750GB HDD wich I use manly for files and programs.

I was wondering if I could partition the second hard drive (D:/) into two so I would have half of it for windows docs and programs and the other half to install ubuntu so I could dual boot.

I stumbled upon this post wich mentions the process for windows XP and so I wanted to make sure I can do the same procedure for windows 8 (conisdering I have a UEFI motherboard)

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I haven't done a dual disk install but many many single ones and I can't see any reason why during the install when presented with the disk partitioning option that you wouldn't see the D: drive and be able to partition it ... BEST FIRST ... though to log into Windows and shrink the D:\ drive volume creating a spare space of 50% of the 750 and then use that to install Ubuntu on to ... I would add an image but I don't have enough reputation ... soz ...

JUST AS an add on ...make sure you choose "Something Else" option on the "Allocate Drive Space" page .. as I can't add the image !!!

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You can shrink the D drive from the below link.

The shrink option provide's you the max extend to which you can shrink. If in case you aren't satisfied with the shrink space you need to relocate/backup some of the file's in the D-Drive.

Once this is done reboot into BIOS choose the boot/installation partition USB/CD drive. If it is UEFI based then you need to opt for Legacy boot mode instead of UEFI in BIOS.

Now proceed with installation on to the newly created partition.

Regards, Sajan

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