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What is the name of the program that handles the screen backlight in laptops in 13.10? Where are the settings for that program? I need to switch the brightness file that it uses. I have 3 brightness files in my laptop:


Aparantely only echoing values in inter_backlight has got any effect and Ubuntu probably writes values into the wrong file.

The weird thing is that it used to work yesterday and I haven't done any upgrades to my system since then. I added Xorg edgers PPA two days ago but IIRC brightness control worked fine after adding the PPA.

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I managed to solve my problem by adding "acpi_backlight=vendor" between "ro acpi_backlight=vendor quiet splash $vt_handoff". But since that does not answer my question, I'll only post it as a comment. –  Tritonio Jan 18 at 22:09

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