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I've been using my ubuntu 13.10 for some 7 days now and am pretty unhappy with it. I used it in the past and id proved much more stable. Programs are often crashing and this last thing with Skype really got me annoyed.

I have Logitech G930 and until yesterday night skype recognized it without issues among available devices. Along with it, there were a bunch of other options. Last night, with no obvious reason to me, there is only one option: Pulse Audio. Sound is terrible of course.

Now, I do take these phones out every now and then. Since they don't have 'safely remove hardware' option, I'm guessing this could stir things up a bit.

Any ideas what could be going on? I think I installed wine last night - could it somehow mess things up?

p.s. Outside of Skype, my headphones are working perfectly.


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