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What can I use to find duplicate photos, including photos that have been resized?

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digiKam Install via the software center

Add all the photos to your collection. In the menu, select “Tools / Find duplicates”. This will look for duplicates across your whole collection.

findimagedupes Install via the software center

A command line tool. Pass all the images you want to compare on the command line.

Geeqie (formerly GQview) Install via the software center

In the menu, select “File / Find duplicate”. Drag and drop image files do the duplicates window. You can drop directories to add their contents recursively.

All three of these tools find visual duplicates, not just files that are identical byte for byte.

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I found that Geeqie works the best. It has a robust set of search modes(name,checksum,size,etc...), powerful Image similarity scanning, detailed info of found duplicates, Simple UI, and there's no need to add images to a collection or album first. My only Cons is that the Duplicate Finder is hidden under the File menu and you have to Drag&Drop from Nautilus(or other FM) in order to add Images/Folders to be searched. Other than that it gets the Job done and does it well. – japzone Feb 25 '13 at 3:40
Geeqie can find similar images and it works pretty well, but I found it a bit slow for exact matches and it tedious to remove many duplicates with it. – Wernight Jul 15 '13 at 7:16
Another choice (which seems to work rather well), is this tool also called findimagedupes, but is unrelated to the tool hosted on Sourceforge. – Winny Jan 12 at 19:10

FSlint Install FSlint

fslint is a graphical program that can find duplicate files of any type by md5sum. If the images are not identical, they won't be flagged as duplicates. The image below shows a bunch of duplicate pdf files in my Downloads directory:

enter image description here

You can change the advanced search parameters to search by file type and restrict yourself to images only. That's done through changing the "extra find parameters" as find command options. For example, here I am only looking for *.jpg files (in the same path, only looking at my "Downloads" folder:

enter image description here

fdupes Install fdupes

fdupes is an equivalent command-line based tool. Both are available in the repos.

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Note that I doubt these programs will find resized duplicates. – Vadi Oct 9 '12 at 23:51
@Vadi that's a different, and more complicated question. Tineye does image identification which doesn't rely on metadata, hashes, etc (it can identify similar looking images) but that's an online service. They provide an API but I'm not aware of any applications that take advantage of this yet. The other complication is that you wouldn't want to remove similar images all the time, for example if you edit photos but want to keep copies of the originals. Removing identical duplicates is much safer. – jozzas Oct 10 '12 at 0:03

fdupes Install fdupes

You can use a command line tool called fdupes to find duplicate files (see man fdupes for more details). I don't know of any way to find 'duplicates' that have been resized. A program that did this would require some sort of intelligent algorithm that analysed the image contents because when an image is resized, its data is changed so traditional duplicate finding methods would not work.

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fdupes will also miss duplicates in different directories; let's say you have two copies of a photo one in folder birthday-party/ and the other in family-stuff/ ... "fdupes -fr ." will miss this duplicate. – lrkwz Mar 11 '14 at 22:57

imgSeek Install imgseek

imgSeek can find duplicates as well as similar pictures (so it should be able to find resized photos and photos with different filenames and metadata) and even search photos based on a sketch. It is available in desktop and server versions.

I haven't actually tried it myself, though.

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only available for Ubuntu 10.04, though there is a perl library for 12.04 – drevicko Mar 30 '14 at 3:06
The server version isk-daemon works on 12.04, though I found I had to install from source (pip install as per the instalation page didn't work) – drevicko Mar 30 '14 at 11:46

dupeGuru Picture Edition works absolutely great, and is worth trying.

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Visipics is a free Windows application for that function, but works just fine on Linux, via wine, of course (It's better than geeqie/gqview regarding the sorting of the duplicates (geeqie's results are absolutely "un-sortable")).

You can tell it to auto-select the images based on criteria such as smaller file size, non-compressed type, lower resolution (it won't do the opposite though, you'd need to do it manually, which wouldn't be much better than doing it on geeqie, except that the selection doesn't require holding Shift/Ctrl), and even prioritize folders (but the last priority is folder priority).

You must pay attention to symbolic links, though -- it can "randomly" select to save a symbolic link to a file while deleting the actual file as a "copy". That's a shame.

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