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I'm new to using Ubuntu and liking it so far. So far i have:

Installed and kind of configured apache, mysql and using Joomla CMS

I have also installed exim4 and other files needed.

The problem i have is that i cannot for the life of me get mail from google. I can send a message to my gmail using terminal with the commands:

$ echo test | mail -s "test" ubuntu
$ echo test | mail -s "test" blabla@gmail.com

I receive a message in my inbox which is great.

I now need to actually download the mail. So i need the commands used for this. I think once i do it i use the command: $mutt -f /Mail/ubuntu // to read the email.

I also need to set it up so four users can use that same email but get messages sent to them but do not have a clue how to do it using command line.

If somebody could help that would be great, or give me a link on how to achieve either of these problems i am facing

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