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I downloaded 12.04.3-desktop-amd64 onto Windows 8.1 C:drive, copied to 4g flash drive, then onto formatted D: drive.

I can open files but don't know how to make it install as D: operating system. How do I do that?

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There is a guide here for installing from a USB:

USB installer

Basically, Download Pendrive Linux, install it and open it.

Select Ubuntu Desktop Edition, for the version you downloaded (12.04), enter image description here

Select Browse:

enter image description here

Select the iso image. Go back to the PendriveLinux window, and then select your USB drive. Make sure that you have no data on it you want, as it will probably be wiped. It also needs to be larger than the image file.

Press Create

DVD installer

Also, if you have a blank DVD, and a DVD reader & writer, right-click on the image, select Burn to Disc. enter image description here

Guide here on that as well.

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