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I am using lubutu 13.10.I have installed remima in it.When i connect to remote connection which is windows server 2008 the display is not proper.It has different colour some weird colours.I have updated video drivers.

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Launch Remmina , right click your connection and click edit. In the remote desktop preference window, change the color depth to true color (32bpp) and save the settings. Reconnect and you are done.

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Never heard of remmina before, but glad I did today. Finally can see proper mouse cursor and colors with a remote desktop application. Thanks. – srcspider May 3 at 11:06

I get the same problem due to 32 bit screen on Linux and 24 bit on Windows server 2008 r2.

$ rdesktop hostname
WARNING: Remote desktop does not support colour depth 24; falling back to 16

If I instead run

rdesktop -a 32 hostname

I get no such warning.

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Also when using remote desktop to Windows the aero style gets disabled by default which will make it look slightly different. – Neil Wightman Jan 17 '14 at 11:48

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