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I have 2 instances (Proxy_Server & Web_User) hosted on EC2, both running Ubuntu Server 12.04. On one of the instances (Proxy_Server) I have Squid installed. I want to use Proxy_Server as a proxy for the other instance (Web_User).

Under normal circumstances in EC2, Web_User would be using a transparent proxy which would redirect the requests to websites on the internet. What I want is to route those requests via the Proxy_Server through Squid. Additionally I want this to happen for all TCP connections.

  1. I have tried configuring http_proxy and HTTP_PROXY in etc/environment. But that would be for only HTTP requests. So a wget will work fine but a normal socket connection to the same website wouldn't.

  2. I have also tried port forwarding and tunneling to have a SOCKS proxy running on Web_User tunneling to Squid on Proxy_Server. But this brings back me to point 1. How do I make Web_User to be aware of Proxy_Server? I can make firefox in Web_User to be aware of Proxy_Server but how do I do that same system wide?

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