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My Problem: Sometimes my Computer or just some applications freeze and i can see iowait (with system-monitor-tool) jump to 100% (on some or all cores) for like 15 seconds. This is extremely annoying.

I have this Problem since I put a new ssd into my computer. I have my root and home partition on the ssd. I know it's caused by the ssd because I used the computer before with the same configuration except with a hdd and I didn't have this problem.

Also sometimes (but not always) after the freeze the home partition is mounted read-only and when I restart I get an fsck error for /home, which is easily fixed by pressing "f".

What I tried:

  • iotop: Doesn't show the jump of iowait.
  • Trim: I suspected that the discard option caused this, I disabled it but still got the same problem. I now run a script with fstrim on every boot.
  • Hardware issue: I checked for hardware fails with S.M.A.R.T. but didn't see anything unusual.

Any ideas what else I can try to fix this?

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