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i'm a Windows 8 user.

recently, i wanted to use Ubuntu along with Win8.

so, I downloaded WUBI and started installing it. It successfully installed and rebooted. during rebooting it asked me which OS i want to use. i chose Ubuntu it continued and showed me the Ubuntu logo but after a few seconds it showed an error like this

(initramfs) windows is hibernated or refused to mount. failed to mount '/dev/sda3' : operation not permitted. the NTFS is in an unsafe state.........

couldn't find the iso /Ubuntu/instal/installation.iso this also happens if the file system isn't clean.......

any one has any idea what to do ?

thanks in advance :)

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Disable hybrid sleep. That's the only thing that would leave it 'hibernated' for a Wubi install (that I know of). Test this by doing a Shutdown and then booting Ubuntu after powering on. (Note this is the opposite of clearing hibernation for a normal dual boot... usually Restart does this - but for hybrid sleep a Shutdown is required) –  bcbc Jan 16 at 21:41

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