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I wanted to find out were the MBR physically is (I have a multiboot PC with several HD) and Bootrepair has done its job.

I then discovered that beyond my control private information was send to http://paste.ubuntu.com. I really would like to delete that post with my data (And I think that before sending information on the internet a confirmation request would be clever and smart. Don't you?).

So, please: Is there any simple way to delete or edit a page like http://paste.ubuntu.com/xxxxxx?

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Thank to MadMike for editing. –  user236393 Jan 16 '14 at 9:41

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I believe you can email rt@ubuntu.com and ask them to remove the post, but don't expect a quick removal. rt@ is the alias for their internal ticket handler (Request Tracker).1

1Source: Answer to the question Can I get an @ubuntu.com email address for the Ubuntu-related event I'm organising? by Oli

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Thank for the answer Karel, I try this solution. –  user236393 Jan 16 '14 at 9:49

You can neither delete nor edit any pages on paste.ubuntu.com yourself. The only way to remain fairly safe is to remove the links of the page you have pasted the contents to.


How to remove a page on paste.ubuntu.com

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