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I've seen various fixes and have tried a bunch (all with varying degrees of success - explained below), and this is the sort of pertinacity thing which really annoys me - No icons in LibreOffice for the Zotero toolbar, although the toolbar works fine.

Upon first install of the LO plugin, there was a 'flicker' of icons - they came and went very quickly in LO within a second or so. I googled a bit and found a thing suggesting manually setting your LO to point at Java (which I'd disabled, following this tip). Enabled, still no icons. Read through a looooong couple of questions on the UbuntuForums, another few at the Zotero forums...finally found one suggesting setting the icon size in LO to 'large'. I did this, and played with the themes in LO a bit (there are only two installed, humanity and galaxy, so it didn't take long!). Whatever I did seemed to 'update' the UI since the icons reappearing for both themes, I even set the icon scale back to automatic.

All was fine for a couple of minutes...but then I got to installing dictionaries for my locale (en-gb, for some reason, LO doesn't pick it up automatically, and gives me AE)...that all done, I flip back to LO and the icons have disappeared again. And playing with the icon settings does nothing either...eugh!

There probably is an answer somewhere, but I've been trying to fix this by trawling through forum pages from years ago for about 30 mins + now and I've had enough. Direct responses and/or a checklist would be great, telling me how to manually point the plugin at the folder where the icons are stored (they must be somewhere, right?!) would be ideal.

._. It's times like this that make you want to plant a fist into your screen. Lol.

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