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For some reason I am not hitting the DNS server I am expecting to hit. I have a wireless connection with a VPN on top of it. I have set both of the connections to use a specific set of DNS servers (automatic DHCP addresses only with the DNS servers listed), but it is still querying a different DNS server. I can tell this is true because when I say

dig +short

I get nothing, but when I say

dig +short @specific.dns

I get the IP Address I am expecting. I have also temporarily modified /etc/reslov.conf to read the way I want it to and the first dig starts working. This means Network Manager is doing something sneaky behind my back. How can I tell what it is doing? and how can I fix it so only the servers I specify (in the order I specify them) get queried?

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A full reboot later and it seems to be working the way I expect it. There must be some service that isn't picking up the config changes from the GUI.

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