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I've been using Compiz Fusion under the GNOME environment happily with 10.10 Maverick Meerkat, but when 11.04 Natty Narwhal came along, it started giving me problems with windows missing a title bar. I finally got the effects to work and the title bars back, at the cost of:

  1. Not being able to switch between workspaces on the Workspace Switcher

  2. Undraggable windows, even with the Alt-drag method

I checked online, and nothing seems to give me any relevant answer. I asked around on #ubuntu on IRC, and a user suggests it might be a bug with the nVidia card. (I assume it would be the nVidia driver that I used with 10.10 with the Intel integrated graphics).

Anybody has any input on how to deal with this issue? I could bear with it (since I'm just using Metacity). If there is no absolute way, then my last resort would be to downgrade to 10.10.

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Yes, it's bad mix. Desktop Cube is not supported in Unity. But if you really want it, try this

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