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I have my disk partitioned with Windows & Ubuntu 13.10. I wanted to format my Windows 7 partition so I entered the Windows recovery environment. When trying to format Windows, an error appeared and said that I should restart my computer and try again, but when I restarted my computer it gave the message "error no such partition, entering rescue mode... grub rescue" Looking at the forums I found that one solution was to start the computer from a USB with boot-repair burnt into it. I did it and followed all the steps to repair the booting but when I turn on my computer it just stays on a black screen with a flashing dash on the top left corner.

When the boot-repair-disk finished gave me this URL in case id hadn't worked: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6755505/

Screenshot of the app GPARTED using Parted Magic enter image description here

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did you install ubuntu via wubi? –  Avinash Raj Jan 15 at 11:14
no, I installed it burning the .iso into a USB –  Joan Jan 15 at 11:27
There is no ext4 partition in boot-repair report URL. You don't have Ubuntu or any other Linux OS installed. Only a swap I can see (I don't know where did this came from). If you have a Windows DVD, I would suggest to boot from there and repair the boot-loader. Then you can boot straight to Windows and start all over. –  NikTh Jan 15 at 11:33
It seems there are some gaps in the partition table. Use PartedMagic which contains a tool called testdisk used to recover lost partitions and rebuild partition table. If you have critical data, advice, make backup before you start. –  Sneetsher Jan 15 at 14:34
PartedMagic is a distribution you can make a boot-able usb pen from iso image like Ubuntu one. PartedMagic has tools to make full harddisk image to another external hard drive. For me I used to recover table without any backup. But If you gonna do it like that, backup old table and verify the new table against old one before writing (most notably partitions size). You could read more about tool –  Sneetsher Jan 15 at 15:58

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