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Need a bit of help with the wubi windows Ubuntu installer (12.04 LTS). Basically I am using a separate external drive for the Ubuntu OS for installation. Once done I rebooted and it took me to the grub menu were I may choose what OS to boot up into (Dual Boot) but when I choose Ubuntu it will state an error saying "missing or corrupted file: G:\ubuntu\winboot\wubildr.mbr" although I checked the directory and the file was in the correct folder! I have tried to re-install many times but does not seem to work. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Please try respond as soon as possible, I've been searching for solutions to the problem and have been unsuccessful in my own efforts :(

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Is the external drive visible to the BIOS (can you select it as a boot device?). Do you have a UEFI Windows secure boot computer? –  bcbc Jan 15 at 17:13

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