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I am new to Ubuntu, and just installed Ubuntu12.04 along with a dual boot for Windows 7.

And I was following some tutorial on booting up Ubuntu with the NTFS partition of Windows 7 mounted, I did that because I need some files from that partition although I can access it on Nautilus after mounting it.

The problem is after following some tutorial, I want it to behave like before, so I tried messing with /etc/fstab file.

My problem now is I can't remove the partition icons on the launchpad

Screenshot link [here][1]

And when I go to Nautilus I can't unmount them, because it says

Unabe to unmount [parition name]

Error unmounting: umount exited with exit code 1: helper failed with: umount: only root can unmount /dev/sda1 from /media/sda1

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Try this commad on terminal,

gksu nautilus

Then unmount the /dev/sda1 ntfs drive which was appeared on the devices list.


Try this command on terminal

sudo umount /dev/sda1
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Try to unmount it from Disks or by removing the NTFS partition entry from fstab.

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