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I have installed Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy), 64 bit version.

I have about 120 videos on my drive of various formats (mpeg, avi, wmv, flv, swf, mp4, etc.). They are imported into Shotwell (along with a whole bunch of photos.) All these photos and videos are located on an external hard drive connected to the laptop via a USB cable.

When I try to use the video lens, I get this message: "There are no videos currently available on this computer."

The photo lens works perfectly.

When I copy one of the videos to /HOME/user/Videos, then the video lens "sees" that video.

Synaptic tells me that these packages are installed:

unity-lens-video; unity-scope-video-remote

How do I make the video lens search for the videos on the attached external hard drive? I've searched this forum and others, Google, etc. I can't find anything to help me fix this.

I am grateful for any help with this.

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