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Ok this happended: My wifi didnt work, I installed wicd, disabled networkmanager, rebooted and wicd didnt work, I deleted wicd and have had problems since then so I guess its network related. Now all I see is a _ i blinking in the dark. When i boot ubuntu 13.10 I get a waiting for network donfiguration, 60sec more and then _. I tried different things like edit the interfaces but that doesnt work. I cant go into recoverymode, it just goes blank. Im not too sure what to do about this really. Alot if my files will go missing if I dont get into this system again. :/

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That is a horrible link and the information is a bit inaccurate. Uncheck the "connect automatically" box - i.stack.imgur.com/uEwCO.png –  bodhi.zazen Jan 13 at 21:40
Editing that file will not help as it is over written by network manager, if you configure NM manager properly you will be good to go, see the link I gave you. –  bodhi.zazen Jan 13 at 21:45
I am guessing your black screen is unrelated to your network problem, but I am not sure. The waiting on a network problem is unusual and the various references I have seen do not really make sense . Perhaps someone will have better advice. Plug the computer in via ethernet ? Boot an old kernel ? –  bodhi.zazen Jan 13 at 21:52
Perhaps update your question. What version of Ubuntu? Describe your problem and why you think network manager was the problem. –  bodhi.zazen Jan 13 at 22:02

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