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  • Laptop is a Compaq Presarrio CQ61
  • New 32GB SSD (Crucial V4)
  • I'm a ubuntu n00b (after playing with a Live USB, this is my first attempt at installing)
  • Partion A=16GB for windows, 8GB for ubuntu and 8GB ntfs partition intended for shared files (was following this guide)
  • Installed Windows 7 Home Premium SP from downloaded MSDN
  • Installed Ubuntu* from Linux Live USB made from a 32-bit 12.04 image (I can't remember exactly which)


Now when booting I see the boot menu, and the Windows 7 option loads fine. However ubuntu normally hangs with a 'purpleish' screen, but no logo or anything. Booting in the recovery mode gives a "Gave up waiting for root device" error. I tried 'exit' from the initramfs prompt which did not work (i.e. after a delay).

I tried Boot Repair tool run from my Linux Live key with no help, but the Boot Info can be found here (sda is the live key, sdb the SSD)

Found a lot of "Gave up waiting for device" errors online, but the only consistent advice about rootdelay doesn't seem to of helped.

In desperation I tried running Linux 3.2.x via the 'Previous versions' option on GRUB and this works.

Question Can anyone help fix the default boot (Linux 3.8.x?) - or should I just stick with the 'previous version' that seems to work?

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