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I understand if I boot from a live cd I can see all the system logs under System > Administration > File Log Viewer

I have a major error with a disk not mounting and I want to trace i tback to the last time it did work and what may have corrupted the ext4 filesystem on it.

So within the File Log Viewer Where do I start examining?

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Are you only looking at the logs that were generated by the LiveCD starting up? Or are you looking at the logs on the host filesystem? – idbrii May 5 '11 at 20:40
ah you can also just search all the logs from commandline: cd /var/log/ and do a grep -R mount * (assuming you want to see all lines that contain mount). – Rinzwind May 5 '11 at 20:46
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I'd guess /var/log/dmesg

You can find all logs that mention mounting or ext4 like this:

grep -e mount -e ext4 -lR /var/log 2> /dev/null

dmesg seemed to be the most relevant to me. And there are archived versions (dmesg.*).

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You can find aditional information in syslog

grep 'Mounted' /var/log/syslog*

or find mounted and unmounted logs

grep 'Mounted\|Unmounted' /var/log/syslog*
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