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I installed Ubuntu 12.04 on my MacBook Air (6,2, mid-2013 13") and when the installation was complete I had to reboot my computer. I am using rEFIND and dual booting Ubuntu with OS X Mavericks. Then I rebooted, selected Linux in rEFIND and it booted up into GNU GRUB. My problem is:
When I select hits enter in GNU GRUB and it is supposed to start Ubuntu, it stops at a blinking cursor. What is wrong?
Thank you and sorry for bad english :-)

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Hi! You may have an issue with startX not launching? Could you try to switch to tty (when you have a black screen with the white cursor blinking) and type sudo startx ? Note : To switch to tty, type control+alt+F1 (or fn+control+alt+F1 if this does not work) –  Littm Feb 2 at 6:40

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